Monday, June 16, 2008

The Awakening by Jeannie Thomas

Photo Media student Jeannie Thomas does a fantastic job of recreating the experiences she had when there was a fire in her home during Christmas several years ago.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Midnight Mine: The Legacy of Uranium Mining on the Spokane Reservation

Documentary Video student Jeff Ferguson put together this short introduction to a long term project he is working on that will look at the complex issues surrounding uranium mining on the Spokane Reservation. Jeff is a member of the Spokane Tribe and is using his talents and unique perspective to share tribal viewpoints on this important issue.

Sun Lakes Blues Fest

Documentary Video student Angie Azar spent four days at the 2008 Sun Lakes Blues Fest and produced this short film.

I Hate Strawberries! (Well Sort Of...)

Photo Media student Lawrence Long reflects on his love-hate relationship with strawberries.

A Fly For All Seasons

2nd year student Tony Roche explores the essence and meaning of tying flies and fishing with this wonderful multimedia show he produced for the PHOTO 200 class.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Mother and MS

Melissa Lindsey interviewed her mother for this production about Multiple Sclerosis.

Meet Tony Roche

Lawrence Long interviewed classmate Tony Roche for this short bio piece.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Jason Baldwin attempts to answer the question of why people do stunts on Motorcycles even if it could cause them terrible injury or loss of life.

Scablands: The art of Matt Sellars

Devin Wilkerson takes a look at the work of artist Matt Sellars whose work was recently exhibited in the SFCC Art Gallery.

Meet Devin Wilkerson

Devin Wilkerson is a small town girl headed for the big time. Classmate Jeannie Thomas interviews this aspiring Fashion photographer.

Meet Lawrence Long

Tony Roche interviewed classmate Lawrence Long and put together this short piece.

Campus Billiards

Jason Baldwin introduces us to the history of the game of Billiards and some of the people who play it here on campus.

Meet Jeannie Thomas

Devin Wilkerson interviewed classmate Jeannie Thomas and found out there's a wild side to this otherwise quiet photographer...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet Michael Hardenbrook Pt. 2

Classmate Jason Baldwin does a second interview of Michael Hardenbrook who is finishing up her degree in photography this coming Fall quarter.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

American Sign Language

Photo media student Michael Hardenbrook produced this slideshow about her ASL 1 class.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 Films about Angie...

This was a group project from our Photo 237 Intro to Documentary DV Production course. Three students, Angie Azar, Jeff Ferguson, and Melissa Lindsey worked together to film a "typical day in the life of a photo student" and then each edited their own version of the footage. The results show that there are unique ways to see the same event, even if it's captured with a single camera!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bringing Spokane into Focus by Heather Etherton

2nd year student Heather Etherton interviewed two Spokane photographers Rick Singer and Stephen Chalmers for this short film.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lilac Blind Foundation by Doug Pond

Documentary Video student Doug Pond spent time with Lilac Blind Foundation of Spokane and produced this short film. Lilac provides counseling services, guide dogs, independent living education, computer support, and a whole host of other services for our region's blind or visually impaired population.

Of particular interest is the fact that blindness is on the rise in our country in spite of the miracles of Lasik and cataract surgery procedures. This increase is due largely to the rise in Diabetes and combat injuries.

For more information go to:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arc of Spokane

Documentary DV Production student Katie LaFountain created this piece about Arc of Spokane. The Arc helps train people with developmental disabilities to be valued employees at companies like Avista Utilities, Safeway, and Johanna Bottling.

The Community Building by Devin Wilkerson and Jesse Swanson

Devin and Jesse have started what is likely to become a larger exploration of the inhabitants of downtown Spokane's Community Building. This film shares the philosophy embedded in this renovated downtown building and introduces us to two of its tenants, KYRS Thin Air Radio and the Saranac Arts Project.

My Grandpa Ed by Devin Wilkerson

Devin Wilkerson loves her Grandpa Ed and often seeks him out for advice. She submitted this film as a self directed project for Photo 237 Intro to Documentary DV Production.

Finding Yourself - By Jesse Wanskasmith

Jesse Wanskasmith submitted this self directed piece for a final project in the Photo 237 Introduction to Documentary Digital Video class. In it he explores the purpose and meaning of life and relationships in a thoughtful and eloquent way.

Car Cares for Elders by Fran Hailey

Fran Hailey spent time with Spokane Mental Health's Car Cares for Elders program and produced this short film. Car Cares connects volunteer drivers with people who are unable to get to medical appointments without such assistance.

For more information check out their website at:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spokane Valley Fire - by Katie LaFountain

Katie LaFountain is a 2nd year photography student who is pursuing two passions, photography and firefighting. When she isn't working on class assignments, she works as a volunteer firefighter at Station 10 near Airway Heights. Katie created this promotional video for Spokane Valley Fire Department as part of the documentary video class.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Food Not Bombs by Sarah Lufkin

Documentary Video student Sarah Lufkin takes a look at the Spokane chapter of Food Not Bombs that serves vegetarian meals for free every Monday and Saturday nights in downtown Spokane at First and Madison. Food Not Bombs was founded in 1980 by anti nuclear activist in Cambridge Massachusetts.

The local organizations website can be found at:

Spokane Humane Society by Jesse Wanskasmith

Photo 237 student, Jesse Wanskasmtih produced this short piece that highlights the services and needs of the Spokane Humane Society. Founded in 1897, SHS started out caring for draft horses that ferried loads up to the South Hill from downtown. Today, the humane society takes in over 5000 cats and dogs annually.

Visit the SHS website to learn more.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mid City Concerns by Sarah Lufkin

Documentary Video student Sarah Lufkin put together this short film on Mid City Concerns of Spokane. Located in downtown Spokane, Mid City Concerns operates a senior center and a Meals on Wheels program that meets the needs of hundreds of elderly people in our community.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Deer Park Hospital: A Ministry Abandoned - A Film by Fran Hailey

Photo 237 student Fran Hailey put together this film with a group of community activist who are trying to convince the board of directors at Providence Health & Services to keep the Deer Park Hospital open.

The film title "Deer Park Hospital: A Ministry Abandoned" refers to the ownership of Deer Park by the Sisters of Providence, which started out as as a religious order that founded hospitals and health clinics throughout the country, including the establishment of Spokane's Sacred Heart Hospital in 1886.

Deer Park is a rural community that is caught in the middle of becoming an involuntary suburb of a growing city of Spokane. Providence Health feels that the Deer Park community is better served by Holy Family Hospital in north Spokane. Unfortunately for its citizens, should the hospital in Deer Park close, they will be left without any local 24/7 emergency care facility which many feel will lead to higher mortality rates for emergency conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

Filmed during February 2008, the snowy conditions highlight the difficulty many elderly people in rural communities face as they try to gain access to health care for emergency events or other elder care conditions such as cataract eye surgery.

While this film is an advocacy piece about a specific hospital closure, it is really just one example of a difficult issue faced by all rural communities.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Photo 237 First Winter Quarter Project

Here are some student submissions for a project that introduced cinematic storytelling. Each student tooka simple task and developed it into a visually interesting presentation.

Video by Devin Wilkerson

Video by Colin Pitman

Video by Fran Hailey

Video by Heather Etherton

Video by Jesse Wanskasmith

Video by Katie LaFoutain

Video by Chase Warnick

Video by Sarah Lufkin

Video by Doug Pond

Video by Lance Putt

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Document a Daily Routine

Former SFCC student Tom Green created this short film in our Intro to Documentary DV course. The first assignment in this class is to document any daily routine and present it in a unique and interesting way.